Paint Colours


When buying an apartment you are typically presented with a choice of two or three contemporary interior colour schemes. These colour schemes have been expertly selected by interior designers to provide a neutral colour scheme for your environment but many apartment owners use paint as a vibrant option for injecting personality and distinction into their surroundings.

Some important tips and advice to consider when introducing colour to your apartment include:

  • Make a mental list of your furnishings and what you want your home to say about you;

  • Become a keen observer of the world around you – beautiful homes, quirky shops and quaint cafes can be a source of great colour inspiration;

  • Consider introducing colour through other methods besides paint – throw rugs, cushions, furniture and fabrics are a great way to introduce colour without completely repainting the entire home;

  • Don’t follow trends unless they are sympathetic to your own style and tastes; and

  • Consider enlisting the skills of a colour consultant if you are having trouble making decisions.