Maximising Small Spaces

Maximising Small Spaces

Downsizing. The word alone strikes fear into the hearts of many homeowners who tremble at the thought of relinquishing a lifetime of tangible memories when they prepare to make the move into a smaller home. However, there is another way of viewing the downsizing process and that is to think of it as a fresh start and a liberating opportunity.



Here are some tips on how to make the downsizing experience a rewarding one:

  • Moving into a new apartment reflects a fresh and exciting chapter in your life, so take this attitude with you when considering what you want to keep from your old home;

  • Remember that size matters –  if it doesn’t fit in the lift it won’t make it into your apartment;

  • As a general rule, less is more when it comes to apartment living;

  • Don’t get rid of all your traditional pieces – mixing the old with the new can bring a real sense of personality to a room; and

  • It is important to seek advice from an interior designer before undertaking your downsizing journey. Aside from their decorating expertise they will also be emotionally removed from your belongings and won’t want to hang onto everything!

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