Tony Spain

Sales Consultant

(08) 9535 5588
0475 407 177



My passion and enthusiasm for exceeding expectations is the driving force behind my success in all aspects of my life.

My mission is to provide a one of a kind, friendly, efficient service along your buying/selling journey.

With a relaxed approach and professional guidance you will have the peace of mind that you’re in safe, secure hands.

I will do the hard work so you don’t have to.


Having migrated from Ireland with his family back in 2009, Tony settled right into the Australian way of life and has been on quite the adventure ever since.

Becoming a zoo keeper at 17, Tony began travelling around Australia working in different zoos as an animal career and tour guide.

During this time Tony provided ‘one of a kind animal encounters’ with animals such as crocodiles, snakes and tigers. His ability to connect with people on an emotional level allowed him to get people closer to animals than they had ever been before.

Tony has helped countless people overcome animal phobias and mental health issues by animal interaction without incident and still has all his fingers.

Hundreds of people have trusted Tony to help guide them through close interactions with wild animals, facing their fears and making it a positive experience.

So we are sure Tony will provide you the safe and secure peace of mind through your home buying or selling journey!


Tony lives a very active lifestyle and is always planning his next adventure with his growing family.

He enjoys kayaking, biking and visiting many of WAs National Parks.

When Tony isn’t out exploring he spends a lot of his time reading up on a wide range of topics so there isn’t much he can’t talk about - and he definitely loves to talk!